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Customise a fencing invoice template in minutes, get it sent quicker and get reminded of outstanding invoices. All for just £12.50 per month.

YourTradeBase makes sorting your fencing invoices a doddle. Stop wasting hours each week struggling with paperwork and missing payments with our easy-to-use fencing specialists invoice template.

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Get a professional looking fencing specialists invoice in minutes

Whatever you’re invoicing for, whether it’s a small fencing panel or a whole housing estate, YourTradeBase has fencing specialists covered.

All you have to do is choose what details to include on your invoices, YourTradeBase will ensure it all looks 100% professional for your clients.

Edit your invoice template to suit

Editing your fencing specialists invoice template is really simple

Update the template with as much detail as you and your customers need. All you have to do is click and start typing.

YourTradeBase will take care of everything else - prices, VAT, adding up material costs and presenting your invoice professionally.

Email invoices to customers

Email your invoice direct to your customers

YourTradeBase allows you to fill out your fencing specialists invoice example template and send it directly to your customers via email.

You can also print your fencing specialists invoice or download straight to a PDF if you need a hard copy for your records.

Get invoice reminders sent directly.

Automatic reminders sent to you for outstanding payments

Stay on top of which invoices are outstanding. YourTradeBase sends you reminders about any fencing invoices that are overdue.

YourTradeBase helps you keep track of all your payments, which will help you to streamline the business and stay in control.

Access YourTradeBase anywhere

Access your fencing specialists invoices from anywhere

YourTradeBase is all online, so you can check in wherever you are. That means you’re not tied to just one specific computer and you can even get it on any phone with an internet connection.

If you already use simple email programme like Gmail or Hotmail, you know how easy it is. Our apps are just as convenient.

Save hours on fencing invoicing.

If you don't save at least two hours a week on your quotes and estimates we'll give you your money back. 100% Guaranteed. No questions asked.

Here's what builders are saying about YourTradeBase invoices and builders software:

  • Chris Johnson saves 8 hours a month on his paperwork...

    "YourTradeBase has given me one place I can record all my current and previous jobs and contacts as well as allowing me to track any overdue payments or non confirmed quotations.

    YourTradeBase has reduced my paperwork time by up to 8 hours a month, has improved my business cash flow and reinforced my brand image."

    Chris Johnson Picture

    Chris Johnson, Chris Johnson Electrical, South London

  • Robert Homer saves 2 to 3 hours a week on quoting and invoicing...

    "I find YourTradeBase invaluable. I particularly love the dashboard that helps me stay on top of each customer and my paperwork, especially when I am brain dead after a hard days graft!"

    Robert Homer Picture

    Robert Homer, Fascia Installer, Hertfordshire

  • Neil Hoskin saves up to 45 minutes on each quote...

    "I am really pleased I started using YourTradeBase.

    I put in potential customers details before I do a site visit, and then enter the quote details whilst on-site. It saves all previous work, materials and prices so you don't waste time typing.

    There are loads of other plus points but I would be typing too much! I now save at least 30 to 45 mins on every quote."

    Neil Hoskin Picture

    Neil Hoskin, Fence Connection, Peterborough

  • Robert Tyrrell saves 2 days a month on paperwork...

    "I love using the YourTradeBase software.

    I can actually send an invoice from my iPad, phone or computer while I'm out and about, and my secretary (The Wife) can do the same from the office (home), and all my contacts/quotes/invoices are stored remotely, which gives me added piece of mind in case my computer pack up working.

    Definitely recommended."

    Robert Tyrrell Picture

    Robert Tyrrell, Tyrrell's Plumbing Solutions, Warwickshire

  • Eileen Le Voi recommends YourTradeBase for easier paperwork...

    "A key issue for tradesmen is the time and effort spent producing quotes and invoices.

    Some even lose jobs because they can't find the time to follow up with a quotation.

    YourTradeBase makes tradesmen more efficient with their paperwork - at last, there's a fantastic app that makes a tradesman's life easier."

    Eileen Le Voi Picture

    Eileen Le Voi,, Cambridgeshire

  • Shaun Cowan found paperwork nirvana

    "Just signed up to @yourtradebase free online trial.

    First impression is AMAZING! this is paperwork nirvana for tradesmen...

    I really wish yourtradebase was around to help me 20 years ago when I first started my business."

    Shaun Cowan Picture

    Shaun Cowan, Masterheat, Peterborough

We know fencers lover what they do, but hate spending hours doing boring admin.

It’s essential for the business but Just finding the time and energy at the end of a busy day or week to take care of the piles of paperwork on your desk is soul destroying. It just doesn’t feel like proper work. Whether it's to collect a deposit payment for fixing a fencing panel or creating the final bill for a large commercial project, it’s not what you want to be doing on your free evenings or weekends.

YourTradeBase helps fencing specialists manage their workload quickly with minimum fuss. Our app was designed and built by tradespeople for fencing specialists. We’ve tried hard to create fencing specialists invoice template that you don't need a computer degree to understand.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial today and see for yourself or email us at with any questions.

A builder invoice sample template:

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