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YourTradeBase gives you everything you need to sort your carpet cleaning quotes quickly and easily. Stop spending hours of your time each week costing, quoting and estimating, and start spending your time more effectively.

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Online builders quote and estimate templates

Professional looking quotes and estimates in minutes

Whether you're looking for a quick carpet cleaners estimate template to use for quoting work, or you need to produce detailed breakdowns of work and pricing, YourTradeBase web-based software has carpet cleaners covered.

Simply choose how much detail to display on your quotes, YourTradeBase will ensure it all looks as professional as possible.

Edit your quote template to suit

Editing your carpet cleaners quote template couldn't be easier

Just click and start typing – it’s as easy as that. Update the carpet cleaning quotation template with as much detail as you think your customers need.

YourTradeBase takes care of prices, VAT, adding up material costs and presenting your quote in a professional manner. You can even add a list of 'optional' items to place on your quotes too.

No more tussles with computer programmes and spreadsheets, and no more illegible scribbles on random scraps of paper. Quick and professional carpet cleaners quotes are now within reach.

Quote materials and labour costs

Cost and markup your materials and labour

Save your material costs, labour rates and services to YourTradeBase, then quickly re-use them for any future quotes you need to produce.

Materials can be easily marked up, and required material lists can be downloaded and printed with just a click of the mouse.

Email your quote to your customers

You choose how to present your quote to customers

Customise how much detail to display on your carpet cleaners quote example template, then easily send quotes and estimates via email directly to your customer.

You can also print your quote or download it straight to a PDF if you need a hard copy.

Get quote reminders sent directly.

Get reminders to chase up your estimates

Say goodbye to scraps of paper, scribbled notes and missed opportunities.

YourTradeBase sends you reminders about your carpet cleaners estimates and quotes that have been sent with no response.

You can also send reminders and follow-ups to your customers in a couple of clicks - no more losing out on work – just smarter working.

Access YourTradeBase anywhere

Access your quotes from anywhere

YourTradeBase is web-based, so you can access it via any browser from anywhere. That means you’re not tied to any specific computer and you can even get it on your smart phone.

If you already use a web based email programme like Gmail or Hotmail, you know how easy it is to use and how convenient access can be.

Hundreds of builders are saving hours on quotes and estimates

  • Neil Hoskin saves up to 45 minutes on each quote...

    "I am really pleased I started using YourTradeBase.

    I put in potential customers details before I do a site visit, and then enter the quote details whilst on-site. It saves all previous work, materials and prices so you don't waste time typing.

    There are loads of other plus points but I would be typing too much! I now save at least 30 to 45 mins on every quote."

    Neil Hoskin, Fence Connection, Peterborough

For many carpet cleaners, customer quotes build up and become a real problem.

Finding the time at the end of a busy day to gather information and lay it out for the customer can feel worse than cleaning a student house carpet after a party. Whether it's a quote for a single room or an estimate for a whole office block, it's a lot of work to do when you should be done for the day.

Things just got a lot better. YourTradeBase helps carpet cleaners create and manage their workload. Built by tradespeople especially for carpet cleaners, we've made sure you don't need a computer degree to get started.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial today and see for yourself or email us at with any questions.

Quote software - examples and samples:

A sample building quote

Builders quote with full material breakdown. Download sample as a PDF

Builders quote with materials - an example

Builder quote example with summary material prices. Download PDF quote example

Example of a builders quote

Example building quote ons one page. Download PDF example

We're helping carpet cleaners grow their business:

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  • More than 19,200 building jobs organised

  • More than 17,800 customers stored

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