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Work After Work Nearly Made Me Cry

12th July 2009

When I first decided to make the jump from employment to self employment, I knew that the hours I had to commit to working would increase but I accepted that with the understanding that my pocket would (hopefully) be rewarded and allow me to almost purchase my own free time in the future.

How wrong was I!  After 18 months or so I found myself working near on 100 hours a week, either on the tools, viewing potential jobs and sitting in the office knocking out paperwork trying to build my reputation for being an efficient and professional tradesman. 

ARRRGGGHH!!, this working for yourself malarkey wasn’t quite as I had pictured.  The money was definitely better but working after work was doing my head in!! No spare time meant the kids were being neglected and I couldn’t manage more than a grunt when the boss (missus) spoke to me.

I needed to change the way things were.  I didn’t want to continue spending every waking hour working, but knew if I wanted these so called rewards, I would have to continue with all these tasks that stole these hours in the first place.

Voice box re-calibrated, I sat down and actually ‘talked’ about the situation with Sharron (the wife) and came to the conclusion that I needed to ease my paperwork chores.  Some way of making the boring bit of my business, well, EASY and less time consuming.

After numerous conversations with a friend(Adam) we started to build a way to literally ‘take the pain out my paperwork’.

About the author

Dean Taylor is a co-founder of YourTradeBase and a skilled tradesperson. Working in the trades all his life, he's grown his business by using the right tools for the job. He's why we built

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